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Save Taxes, Expand Your Business, Be Successful!

Michael Shapiro, CPA, Inc is a Certified Public Accounting Firm providing tax and accounting services for a select group of small business owners throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Individualized Attention and Custom-Designed Planning

With over 25 years of experience of providing accounting and tax services, I recognize the importance of individualized Attention and Custom-Designed Planning for my clients' unique tax situations.

The Initial Meeting

When meeting with a prospective client, the primary goal of our initial meeting is to provide an understanding of the client's current business operations, structure, and potential future accounting and tax needs. During this meeting, a preliminary analysis of past tax returns, the current accounting system, and financials is performed.

The Financials and Analysis of Operations

I believe that preparing accurate, periodic financial statements in a timely manner is essential in order to understand current operations, trends and provides the basis to propose new efficiencies to the business model. I therefore encourage an open dialogue with each of my clients; this helps both me and the client understand what will create success for their business and what changes might be necessary to improve operations and the bottom line. I offer periodic meetings with each client to review current financials and to discuss future operations. The more I know about a client's business, the more targeted advice I can provide.

Tax Planning

Once I have a clear understanding of the client's current situation, we can work together on the current tax-year planning and long-range objectives. Tax planning generally involves knowing a client's cash flow needs and co-ordination of corporate and personal tax planning in order to achieve the optimal result, which is a reduced tax liability for the client.

Tax Liability Reduction

The result of my meetings with individual clients generally encourages implementation of a new tax plan, which in turn, leads to a reduction of the client's annual tax liability.

I am confident in my firm's ability to develop an individualized plan that will serve your business's needs and maximize its ongoing success. Toward that end, I look forward to hearing from you. When we meet, you will know that I am the CPA you are looking for.

Michael Shapiro, CPA, Inc